Three eyes and text
Unravelling the function and evolution of many-eyed visual systems

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MfN profile

Lauren Sumner-Rooney

Lauren is an evolutionary and sensory biologist interested in invertebrate visual systems. She completed her PhD at Queen’s University Belfast, studying molluscan photoreceptors under the supervision of Dr Julia Sigwart, before holding research fellowships at the Museum für Naturkunde and the University of Oxford.

She now works with three main systems, spiders, brittle stars, and chitons, to examine the function and evolution of many-eyed visual systems. Lauren took up an Emmy Noether Junior Group Leader position at the Museum für Naturkunde in October 2021, where she started the MultiplEye Lab.

Other roles

Associate Editor (2022- )
Organisms, Diversity and Evolution

Honorary Research Associate (2022- )
University of Oxford

Awards Officer (2021- )
Malacological Society of London

Associate Editor (2020- )
Frontiers in Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Previous lives

Research Fellow (2017-2021)
Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2016-2017)
Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
Host: Prof. Carsten Lüter

Research assistant and science communicator (2015-2016)
Royal Veterinary College, London
Line manager: Prof. John Hutchinson

PhD student (2012-2015)
Queen’s University Belfast
Supervisor: Dr. Julia Sigwart

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