Three eyes and text
Unravelling the function and evolution of many-eyed visual systems

Our team

Tropical reef rubble with a yellow brittle star

Lauren Sumner-Rooney

Group Leader

Scanner of eyes, lover of museums, gradual learner of German.

Interested in weird and wonderful visual systems, what they do and how they evolve. Favoured tools include comparative morphology, behavioural experiments, and phylogenetic methods.

Luis Baudouin Gonzalez

Postdoctoral researcher

Parent of spiderlings, prober of genes, evo devo guru.

Studying the evolution of eye size, number, and position in spiders. Using developmental techniques to study gene expression and regulatory networks in families with divergent eye configurations.

Sam England

Postdoctoral researcher

Sensory ecologist, photographer, insect electrician.

Starting 2023.

Photo by Tom Swinnen on

Atal Pande

Doctoral researcher

Evolutionary morphologist, fossil fan, friend of earwigs.

Starting 2023.

Kaylin Chong

Undergraduate researcher

Eye measurer, slope-fitter, PhD-in-waiting.

Exploring eye growth and allometry in spiders with different visual ecologies. Fan of natural history collections and microscopes.

Lucille Rose

Research assistant

Segmentation expert, Masters student, palaeontologist.

Reconstructing the retinal mosaic in visual hunting spiders.

Angi Grahn

Undergraduate researcher

Chief spider wrangler and salticid expert

Investigating the occurrence and effects of eye malformation in spiders.

Affiliated PhD students

Rochelle Meah – University of Bristol
Primary Supervisor: Prof. Nick Roberts

Amber Harper – Oxford Brookes University
Primary Supervisor: Prof. Alistair McGregor

Grace Blakeley – Oxford Brookes University
Primary Supervisor: Prof. Alistair McGregor

Lab alumni

Drew Farr, undergraduate researcher
(now PhD student at UCL)

Kaylin Chong, undergraduate researcher
(now PhD student at Harvard)

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